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About AccessPlus

AccessPlus is a rechargeable account with international calling capabilities to 200+ worldwide destinations at the most competitive rates. It can be topped up or recharged at thousands of convenience stores all over Japan as well as with the use of major credit cards and PayPal . Among the many versatile features of AccessPlus are load sharing and seamless text messaging among AccessPlus users and GSM subscribers outside Japan, teleshopping and many more.

What does recharge mean?
AccessPlus can be charged or topped up with credits after the initial or subsequent prepaid balance on the account is used up for calls and other charges. Compared to a postpaid account, you can easily budget your calling expenses with AccessPlus.

Calling Rates

AccessPlus gives you the longest talk time for your money. With JPY 2000, you can talk for 83 minutes to a Philippine landline and up to 49 minutes to a Phillipine mobile destination! Get the best calling rates with AccessPlus.


Methods of Payment

You can recharge AccessPlus using any major credit card via your mobile phone, PC or an IVR system. Sign up for 'AUTO RECHARGE' and you no longer need to worry about lack of credit while calling!
In Japan, You can recharge your AccessPlus account through the SmartPit payment system, which is available 24 x 7 at thousands of convenience stores.
Call our Customer Service to request and activate your AccessPlus account today
We can also mail you an AccessPlus starter kit by filling out and sending in (by mail or fax) the order form.

Platinum Privilege Card

AccessPlus Service

Call The Philippines At a Low JPY 19/min!
As well as discount call charge, AccessPlus is a 24-hour flat rates and No registration fee required!
24 Hour
Customer Support

operators are available for 24 hours to answer your question and meet your needs.
Easy Dial!
The combination of speed dial and straight dial makes it faster and easier to reach your friends!
Online Service
With AccessPlus Online service, you can enjoy more advantages of AccessPlus such as the balance inquiry, call history inquiry and credit card charge.
Additional Bonus!
More you use, more you save. Enjoy benefits of AccessPlus such as referring friends and free minutes on certain amount charges.


■ Please note that we are not responsible for problems due to loss of cards and the leak of your PIN information.
■ Fax charges and the data fees cannot be paid by AccessPlus.
■ Depending on the communication network and/or condition of your telephone, it is possible that you cannot use the 003200 toll free number. If so, please use the paid access number 03-4580-0123 or an access code uniquely available for your phone type.
■ The toll free number may only be accessed within Japan.
■ If accessible, you will be charged international direct dialing rates for calls to toll-free numbers overseas.
■ Non-payment of Smartpit for more than three months SmartPit will expire.To activate, please contact to our Customer Support.
■ Unused credit will expire one year after the last payment.
■ We may deliver information to registered customers about our products and related information.
■ If there is no payment for more than one year, your Access Plus balance, call history, and PIN will expire.
■ Due to maintenance, services are subject to suspension without prior notice.




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