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Access Plus is a rechargeable card for international calls.
It can be recharged instantly at almost any convenience store or through credit card.
You can choose the one among as follows.


CHARGE through SmartPit payment at CONVENIENCE STORES


CHARGE using Electronic Money "EDY"
You can recharge Access Plus card through credit card payment from your mobile or PC. Sign up for 'AUTO RECHARGE' and you no longer need to worry about lack of your credit while calling!
AccessPlus card can be recharged automatically through credit card payment whenever its balance reaches 500yen or less.
To avail of the feature, please sign up for 'Auto Recharge'
■We only accept credit cards issued in Japan.
■Most (re)charges will take approximately five minutes to process. If it takes longer for your credit to be processed, please contact our customer service.
You can recharge AccessPlus card through SmartPit payment at authorized convenience stores.
SmartPit is a payment system offered by NTT comware. Smart pit payment is available at any of the convenience stores listed below.
LAWSON/Family Mart/Circle K/Three F/Sunkus/Mini stop
■ If you pay at LAWSON or Family Mart, use the "Loppi or Fami Port" machine and get the payment order slip. Present this at the counter and give your payment.
Take your Access Plus card to any one of the following authorized convenience stores.
Present the bar code at the cashier and pay.
You can instantly make a call from a mobile or home phone after paying.
■ Most (re)charges will take approximately five minutes to process. However, sometimes it may take longer depending on the communication network. Please call Customer service for details.
■ SmartPit is a registered trademark for NTT comware.
You can also recharge using coupons at authorized convenience stores.
Please order the coupons at 'Order coupon' We will send you the registered coupons with your name printed on it.
Please take a coupon to any of the convenience stores below and pay.
You can instantly make a call from mobile or home phone after paying.
LAWSON/Family Mart/Three F/Mini stop/Sunkus/Circle K/
Seven Eleven/AMPM/YAMAZAKI Daily Store/Daily YAMAZAKI/
Community Store/Coco store/POPLAR/Seicomart/HOT SPAR/SAVE ON
■ Please make sure the Serial No. printed on the coupon matches the serial No. of your Access Plus card.
■ Most (re)charges will take approximately five minutes to process. However, sometimes it may take longer depending on the communication network. Please call Customer service for details.
■ Seven Eleven only accepts registered coupons with your name printed on them. You may not use coupons enclosed initially inside Access Plus pamphlets.
■ Seicomart: Hokkaido Kanto area only, Hotspar:Tohoku, Kanto, Okinawa area only.
Important Announcement
Click here to enlarge photo ■ We would like to announce that COUPON PAYMENT Service at convenience stores, jointly operated by IPS Inc. and Digital Check is until April 30, 2012 only.
Please be informed that beginning May 1, 2012, Pay-Coupons without the name of the coupon bearer printed at the coupon cannot be paid at the convenience stores.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may caused you and we appreciate your understanding.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Support.
Toll Free: 0120-632-260 (Japanese/English)
With Charge: 03-4580-0230 (Japanese/English)
Recharge your Access Plus Card through EDY and Mobile Wallet.

Connect your pansori reader/writer to the Felica port of your computer and set the Edy card. (For details click here). Verify transaction details and click PAYMENT. Selected amount will automatically be deducted from your Edy.
For Edy Viewer download and hardware requirements information click here.

Select Mobile Edy and input your email address. You will receive an e-mail regarding {Start to Process Payment}. Verify transaction details and click PAYMENT. {Payment Confirmation} e-mail will be sent to you after transaction has been processed. Please check transaction details.

Felica Mobile Wallet Feature is required for NTT Docomo, Au and Softbank. And registration of Edy from Edy Java is needed.
※For those who have set their domain, add {@bitwallet.co.jp} to its setting.
※For unsuccessful transaction or an error message display, click here.
※ Reloading AccessPlus Platinum by Edy, you can get ¥500 worth of bonus calls for every ¥10,000 reload.

How to use Edy using Mobile Wallet

Java is needed in order to use Edy Mobile Wallet. Check if it is installed or download if necessary.
<How To Access>
■imode:imenu→Menu→Search→Mobile Wallet→Edy
        imenu→Menu→Search→Certificate/Card/Money/Insurance→Electronic Money「Edy」
■EZWeb:EZ Web Top Menu→Search by Category→Money Banking→Electronic Money→Electronic Money「Edy」
■Yahoo!Cellphone:Menu List→S!Felica→Electronic Money→Electronic Money「Edy」
■ Please note that we are not responsible for problems due to loss of cards and the leak of your PIN information.
■ Fax charges and the data fees cannot be paid by AccessPlus.
■ Depending on the communication network and/or condition of your telephone, it is possible that you cannot use the 003200 toll free number. If so, please use the paid access number 03-4580-0123 or an access code uniquely available for your phone type.
■ If accessible, you will be charged international direct dialing rates for calls to toll-free numbers overseas.
■ The toll free number may only be accessed within Japan.
■ If there is no usage or payment for more than a year, your Access Plus balance, call history, and PIN will expire.
■ We may deliver information to registered customers about our products and related information.
■ Due to maintenance, services are subject to suspension without prior notice.